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Antica Farmacista Diffuser - 100ml - Manhattan Antica Farmacista Diffuser - 100ml - Bergamot Ocean Aria

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Antica Farmacista

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Birchbox Breakdown

We still remember the day we discovered Antica Farmacista’s gorgeous diffusers and realized that the world of home scents extended beyond candles and eau d’ last night’s dinner. Now we’re completely hooked. With packaging inspired by antique apothecary bottles, the luxe fragrances look as good as they smell—a good thing, since we keep them on display in our living room, bedroom, and office cubicle.

How it Works

Each bottle is filled with concentrated fragrance that is diffused with the help of handsome white birch reeds. The diffusers come in a range of scents to match any ambiance, from warm and spicy to citrusy fresh. After all, every room has its own vibe.

How to Use

Place the fragrance bottle in your desired location and uncork. Gently drop the accompanying reed bundle into the opening; reverse the reeds every few days to refresh the aroma.

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Wonderful smell, not long-lasting

I love the way this smells - I got the Bergamot Ocean Aria (which has a very fresh/clean smell), and have also tried the Vanilla Bourbon Mandarin (delicious smell, exactly what you'd hope for from the name).

Only complaint is that there is not a lot of use in these for $26 - I have had one sitting on my desk at work for only a week, and already the liquid is about 1/3 evaporated. But these smell so good, it might still be worth it.

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The Vanilla, Bourbon, Mandarin is my favorite scent ever. I also have the body lotion. If you like vanilla with a twist, this is perfect. The mandarin and bourbon smells are slight but make the overall product even better than straight vanilla. These last a long time and are great gifts. The boxes are beautiful

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Nice scent

This diffuser has a really nice smell and long lasting. Perfect for my home office. A really great product that I would highly recommend

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