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Intensify these scents by pairing them with Lollia by Margot Elena’s Shea Butter Handcreme.

Lollia by Margot Elena

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Birchbox Breakdown

If we had our way, we would travel back in time to 19th-century Paris, where we could get dolled up in fancy gowns and spend hours primping in a boudoir. But since we’re stuck in this day and age for the time being, we turn to this perfume to enjoy a bit of vintage-inspired luxury at home. Like each fragrance created by design maven and perfumer Margo Elena, Wish is made with handpicked floral extracts and other top-notch ingredients and comes in a keepsake bottle.

How to Use

Spray onto your wrists, throat, and other pulse points. Or spritz into the air and envelope yourself in the scent.

Alcohol, Oil, Water

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

This is my favorite perfume!

I love this perfume. It is just the right blend of floral and lighter citrus notes. I found it in a little shop and now I am hooked. Light and airy...just the right scent. Lovely product!

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I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I started with the hand lotion at a boutique and when I found out it was in a spritz, I was elated! Soft and sweet is the best way to describe it. I just wish the scent would linger a little longer.

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A favorite scent

I am a huge fan of Lollia scents. I have a few different ones in both lotions and eau de parfum, but Wish happens to be my all time favorite. Happy to see it available here.

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I have a hard time with most perfumes. I had to stop wearing them a few years ago, because almost any one I tried made me feel sick or gave me a headache. This is unlike any perfeume I've ever smelled. It's so light and fresh! It's like a summer day at the beach. Not heavy, overly sweet, musky, or floraly. I'd recommed this to amyone one!

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Beautiful Bottle

Honestly, I bought this perfume for the bottle and just hoped I would love the scent. I previously owned a Lollia body butter in the scent, Breathe, and preferred that scent by a long shot. I thought Wish would be sweeter and lighter than it is. It's a bit heavier on the musk than I would prefer, and smells heavier than I expected. Since I used a 20% off coupon code and $10 in birchbpx points, I am going to keep it since I got a great deal and the bottle is so beautiful. Even though it's not for me, I would highly recommend Wish if you like scents with musk and vanilla. For reference, my favorite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.

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