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Can’t get enough of these far-flung aromas? Check out the full assortment of Odin New York colognes.

Odin New York Candle

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Birchbox Breakdown

To lend your home a sophisticated air, look no further than Odin New York. These candles can transform a space into a deep and distant getaway, from the jungles of Sri Lanka to the mountains of Japan. And with their unique slate-colored wax—poured by hand into black glass jars—each piece will improve your décor before you ever strike a match.

How to Use

Infused with the scents of the brand’s in-house fragrances, these candles offer 60 hours of aromatic burn time. Choose from three distinctive blends: the rich citrus burst of Owari, the Near-Eastern spice of Petrana, or the sweet and savory mix of Seylon.

Natural waxes, soy, food-grade paraffin, 100% cotton wicks

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