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Grab the larger 1.7 oz size of the live in love scent to store on your vanity table.

Oscar de la Renta

Birchbox Breakdown

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta knows what women want. In addition to designing dreamy dresses, this sartorial pioneer has perfected the art of fragrance. This gift-worthy set features three rollerballs filled with the live in love Eau de Parfum, the OSCAR Eau de Parfum, and the OSCAR Eau de Toilette. A $75 value!

How it Works

Launched in 1977, the classic OSCAR scent is a sweet, musky blend of lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and rose that never goes out of style. The live in love scent is a floral blend that features light top notes of sweet hyacinth, bergamot, and ginger orchid, feminine middle notes of jasmine sambac, rose, and orange flower, and woody base notes of amber, musk, cedarwood, white woods, and sandalwood.

How to Use

Glide onto wrists whenever the mood strikes.

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Grandma Style

Sooo I ordered this because Live in Love rollerball was not offered individually anymore. The other 2 perfumes smell like something my grandmother wears and the Live inLove is in a smaller volume vial than the rather unpleasant ones... ;( I tried them all to see if just maybe my skins chemistry would change the scents to a more tolerable one but no luck. I will now just pay the $$ for the full bottle of Live in Love and pass the others on to my grandma!

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just ok...

I originally bought this for the live in love scent which I really like... the others are just so-so. i'll use them because I have them but next time I'm just going to buy the live in love scent by itself

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