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France Luxe Couture Jaw

$32.00 Ships Free



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If you’re like us, you put your hair up and take it down (and then put it up again) on an hourly basis. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all. This jaw clip from France Luxe firmly supports our indecisiveness, securely and easily holding hair without leaving you stuck with one style all day (unless you choose to do so, that is).

How to Use

Handcrafted in France, this polished hair jaw comes in a range of patterns. At 3 ½-in. long and 1 ½-in. wide, it works as well for sweeping back part of your hair as it does for a full-on updo.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

My favorite hair clips - hands down!

I bought one of these in a store years ago and it's still going strong. I can tell the difference between other clips and the France Luxe clips. I've never had any of the teeth break on a France Luxe clip, whereas I have on other brands. All of their patterns are pretty: they look professional at work. I replaced my clips with France Luxe clips and haven't had to replace one yet. My oldest is probably somewhere around 5 years old so far. Great product. I would not have believed the difference - until I tried them. I like all of their hair products (they also make barrettes).

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Worth the price

I bought a few of these in a store recently. Even on sale, it was more than I had ever paid for a jaw clip in my life. I consider these sort of clips to be disposable so I usually don't pay more than a couple dollars. They often break easily or I lose them, so why spend the money?

But let me tell you, I am grateful to have found this brand and I will purchase again, full price. The reason: this clip holds my hair in my place without pulling, or digging into my scalp, and it's DURABLE. I have long, thick, fine hair, more than halfway down my back. I sometimes clip it to the back of my head in a messy bun. My previous "go to" clip would irritate me after probably 15 minutes and I'd have to take it down, scratch, put it back up again not as tight so it didn't dig into my scalp.

I have never had that problem with France Luxe clips. I forget it's there. No pain, no pulling. I can clip it as close to my scalp as possible and forget it's there! I know that may sound frivolous, but I write for a living, and when I write I get irritated easily by distractions. Like, when my long hair is flying around in my face for some reason (draft in the room, bad hair day...) I clip it. And it's insanely irritating when that clip hurts my head and distracts from my work. I don't have to worry about that with France Luxe. I haven't tried this clip at the gym yet (I usually use a ponytail holder) but I will soon. I think it'll work.

The durability of this clip is what inspired me to leave this review today. I didn't realize I had one of these clips in the bottom of my carry-on bag. I took a long, round-trip flight and that bag got banged around, smooshed under the seat in front of me for hours. I had no idea until I got home that a France Luxe clip had been at the bottom of the bag the whole time. One of my other clips would've been chipped or smashed into pieces, but the France Luxe clip is still intact and working perfectly. I'm not saying it would withstand being stepped on (lost clips under my husband's shoes more than once) or hit with a hammer or whatever, but the fact that it withstood my recent trip means it can handle more than your average wear and tear.

In short, I love these clips and will only purchase them in the future.

Oh, and they're also very pretty. :)

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I wasted my money

Obviously, these are high end hair clips and thus expensive. Some people say they're worth it because they last a really long time. For me, they didn't last any longer than any other clips I've had since usually I either loose them or break them from something like stepping on them.

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Best Jaw Ever

I bought my first France Luxe Jaw at Nordstrom, couldn't believe I was spending that much money on a hair clip but I got what I payed for-it lasted 20 years.
This is THE jaw to have. Just wish there were more colors available!

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I'm not so sure about Couture

Honestly, I think this looks much like the cheap clips you can get anywhere. I don't think anyone would stop me on the street and ask where I got it from, and I don't believe it looks like a luxury or Couture item. That said, it is nice and light-weight and secures easily and comfortably against my scalp. I'm not sure how long it will last (as it still uses a flimsy wire spring), but so-far so good.

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