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Freehands Men's Soft Shell Ski/Snowboard - Medium

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For phone-conscious gloves with a little less bulk, try freehands Merino Wool Knit Gloves.

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Never has the perfect picture been so close, yet so far, as when you’re stuck on a ski lift. Winter gloves aren’t known for being nimble, and fumbling for a device can cost you a glove, a phone, or both. Enter these user-friendly ski gloves, featuring removable thumbs and index fingers for easy touchscreen access. Your Instagram won’t know what hit it.

How it Works

At first glance, these gloves resemble your standard winter pair. However, the tip of each thumb and index finger can be quickly pulled aside, granting instant access to touchscreen devices and other small objects. Magnetic clasps keep each tip in place while you’re on the slope, and adjustable web straps ensure a tight, cozy seal.

How to Use

With magnetic clasps on both thumbs and index fingers, each tip can be opened and closed in a single, simple motion. Wear these winter workhorses anywhere you’d bring your phone, whether you’re on the mountain, shoveling snow, or out for a sub-zero stroll.

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you can do better and worse

I don't know just how much these were intended for skiing and snowboarding. I used them for that last week and the pull back tips were all frozen by the early afternoon and I only fell a couple of times up to that point. Its more important to have better gloves that will stay dray and just take them off if you need to access your phone.

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