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This party tray is so charming, you’ll be tempted to keep it on display even when you don’t have any guests to impress. The three sections are the ideal size for holding an array of snacks, from nuts and olives to crudité and hummus. You can also use it as a desk organizer for loose change, bracelets, rings, and miscellaneous odds and ends.

How it Works

Made of heat-proof melamine, these dishwasher-safe rectangular trays measure 15.5 inches wide. They come in two fun prints: geometric Ziggy and ikat-inspired Kat.

How to Use

Place your snack or object of choice in each of the three compartments. Note: do not put these trays in the microwave.

melamine, dishwasher safe, heat resistant (max. 356°F, 180°C). Not for microwave use.

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I use this on my kitchen table to hold keys and various little whatnots. It's a good size and I love the pattern. My only complaint is I wish the pattern were on the outside of the tray instead of blah white on the outside and the prettiness on the inside where its not as visible.

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Pretty AND functional!

This serving tray is beautiful! I love the fact that is cannot be easily broken and is equally functional! It can be used for serving snacks or holding knick-knacks! How clever! I have gotten many compliments on how colorful it is! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for something to spice up your kitchen for a get-together! Thank you, Birchbox, for making me, yet again, a happy customer!

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Size is good, Quality is okay

I have the serving utensils of the same design, so I thought I'd spring for the tray. The quality is okay. I can see small printing errors.

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Really pretty and seems durable. The size is also great. Big enough to serve a large amount of dip or whatever you choose to put in it.

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