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Get the FRENDS with Benefits Taylor headphones to make sure you have the right foundation for these get-you-noticed designs.

Frends Additional Taylor Phone Caps

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Why should our phones have all the dress-up fun? Now we can swap out designer, enamel caps on FRENDS with Benefits Taylor headphones for a new look every day of the workweek. Between the five designs made from top-notch metal materials, we bet you’ll find a match for every outfit.

How to Use

Pick from five interchangeable jewelry-inspired caps, which includes: Black Enamel, an Art Deco design with inlaid black enamel between gold metal; Hollywood Regency, a gold and black metallic look that captures the town’s glitz and glam; Rebecca Minkoff, a model that incorporates the designer’s signature aquamarine embossed hologram leather; Stingray, a black beaded design with a rich enamel feel; and Tortoise, a look inspired by tortoise shells and vintage jewelry.

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More Gorgeous in Person

I purchased the Rebecca Minkoff Caps from Birchbox and they are absolutely GORGEOUS in person! They are made out of smooth, supple leather and have such a beautiful holographic design! I get TONS of compliments on them and I am SO glad that I purchased these! Also, as a sidenote...I own the Hollywood Caps and the Tortise Caps, along with the traditional Gold Caps that come with the Taylor Headphones. The Hollywood and Tortise Caps were a gift with the headphones and they are very beautiful as well. However, they are not as stunning as the Rebecca Minkoff ones are! I am SO happy with my purchase and I already have my eyes on the Black Enamel Caps and the Stingray Caps!!!

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