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For a standout pop of texture, try the Gorjana Fallen Necklace.

Gorjana Bali Tube Small V Necklace

$65.00 Ships Free
Chain (18"L), Bar (1.5"L)

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Birchbox Breakdown

As we learned in geometry class, it takes two points to make a line—and as we see from this necklace, it takes just two lines to make quite an impression. This dainty necklace, made of rose gold-plated brass, sports two delicate tubes in a small V for a look that’s both delicate and distinctive. Its medium length is perfect for wearing alone (we love it with a V-neck top) or layering with longer and shorter necklaces.

Rose gold-plated brass

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a favorite!

I got this last winter as a birchbox plus add-on. This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, I can wear it dressed up or down. Really well quality, the plating has not faded one bit.

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Not for me

If you have a wide neck this necklace is NOT for you. When I first tried it on, it was way to short so I got an extender. With the extender the length was ok but the tubes don't come together in a distinct V like the picture. I wish the tubes were one piece instead of two. I don' think this necklace looks like it cost anywhere near $65 either. It is very dainty and fragile so it looks like it would break easily. Needless to say I was disappointed and will be returning it :(

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