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Digging the zig-zag motif? Check out the stackable and stylish Gorjana Zig Zag Slim Ring Set.


Birchbox Breakdown

A bohemian take on the traditional charm necklace, the Zig Zag Enamel Long Necklace features three delicate gold charms accented by a funky zig-zag design in complementary colors. We especially love the extra-long chain, which lends a sophisticated and modern touch.

How it Works

Each charm measures ⅜” tall and features 18k gold plated hardware. The zig-zag pattern is created using polished enamel.

How to Use

This unique necklace is the perfect way to show off your personal style as your go-to, everyday piece. Wear it with your favorite skinny jeans and sweater for a relaxed weekend vibe or accessorize your date night outfit for a flirty look that’s got some major flair.

Polished enamel, 18k gold plated hardware

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