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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

These beanbags aren’t just for iced coffee. If you prefer the hot variety, place them in a coffee maker (in place of filter and grounds) or a French press, and add boiling water.

Grady's Cold Brew Cold Brew Bean Bags

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Birchbox Breakdown

Some beanbags are for tossing. Some beanbags are for sitting. These beanbags are for brewing. Each one of these DIY kits contains four bags full of coffee, chicory, and spices, allowing you to make a week’s worth of coffee from the comfort of home. No barista required.

How to Use

Each tin includes four cold brew pouches, stuffed with a New Orleans-style blend of ground coffee, French chicory, and spices. One bag makes 2.5 servings of caffeinated perfection—enough for three normal folk, or one java fanatic.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


This coffee is very flavorful and rich. It's already a little sweet and has low acidity. I bought a pretty little glass bottle especially for it! The only thing is that one pouch doesn't make much coffee so you go through it pretty fast. Good quality iced coffee makes for great summer mornings!

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Being an iced coffee addict, I had to try these! I'm definitely impressed! If you brew the recommended amount, it makes a very concentrated blend. I like my coffee strong and I was still fine adding water to this when drinking it black. The concentrated blend works great when pouring over ice if you'll be sipping on it for a while and allowing the ice to melt. It also works great to add milk to.

I'd never heard of Grady's before this purchase, but now I'll definitely be looking into their brand!

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Just in case you missed it (like I did) This is naturally sweetened

The idea of this product was exciting, but I drink my coffee black and some how missed in the review that these were naturally sweetened with chicory. Hopefully if someone else misses that little tid-bit in the product description they will read the reviews!

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Very Good, Slightly Too Acidic

This is very good coffee, however, it's a little too acidic and sometimes gives me heartburn.

I followed the directions on the can for the first brew and used two pouches for 28 ounces of water. This seemed crazy to me because 28 ounces is not a lot of water and these are fairly large pouches of coffee. The brew came out way too strong and acidic, and didn't yield a whole lot of coffee to drink. From that point on I used 30-35 ounces of water for one pouch, and the coffee tasted great and well balanced, and was still very dark. I drink coffee black, so I can really tell when it's watered down, and it was fine this way. I recommend ignoring the suggested directions and adding more water to your liking.

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Flavorful Home Coldbrew!

I drink my coffee black no sweetener and thought this coffee tasted wonderful! Enjoy I think it had 5 bags in the tin, made 5 rather large pitchers of rich coffee. If you don't like rich flavor I don't see why adding more water wouldn't solve that.

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