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This blanket is made from HyprLyte Nylon, a specialized fabric that’s only 90 microns thick.

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44 x 28 inches

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Birchbox Breakdown

Sitting on a jacket is for ruffians and brutes. Lay down something smarter with this pocket-sized blanket, which unfurls to ample proportions to let you sit or lie in comfort. Its fabric is water-repellant, puncture-resistant, and features an integrated pouch, making it easier than ever to relax outdoors—while keeping your blazer on.

How to Use

Keep this portable blanket in your pocket, bag, or even on your keychain, and lay it on the ground whenever you want to lounge. Its generous size can fit one lying person (two if seated), and features a simple pattern that shows you where to fold, which makes repacking a breeze.

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