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Stylist Jeff Chastain uses these instead of rubber bands because they adjust to any thickness and don't leave creases in hair.

Hair Bungees

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Birchbox Breakdown

Hair stylist Jeff Chastain showed us the magic of hair bungees during one of our first video shoots and we were immediately hooked (literally…get it?). An alternative to rubber bands, they’re gentler on your hair and loads more fun to use.

How to Use

We’re not going to lie – this takes a little practice (unless you’re a hair bungee savant, in that case more power to you). Start by creating a ponytail. Hold it one hand and use your free hand to secure one hook on the underside of the ponytail. Wrap the bungee around the top of the ponytail and continue wrapping until the elastic is taut. Finally, secure the free hook in your hair.

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Easy to use

I have long layered hair and is hard to keep my hair up when we have hot days .These are Wonderful

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I love these!

I am have been looking for these- my old ones died I had two and since I got them I couldn't find them anywhere! So happy I found them again. My favorite style is a pony tail and then taking a lock of hair and braiding it or twisting it and using the bungee to wrap around and secure. I got so many compliments wearing my hair this way. It would stay all day and didn't fall out or hurt like bobby pins. These things are awesome~!

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