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Crazy for amika tools? Try the amika (mod)ern curler + clutch for insta-curls in no time flat.

amika Bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush

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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s a blow dryer. It’s a brush. And now, it’s your new favorite tool. This thermal ceramic round brush with a two inch barrel creates that bouncy, straight-from-the-salon look in half the time. Using far-infrared heat (not hot air) and negative ions, it preserves moisture for smooth, shiny locks, without any frizz or static.

How to Use

Divide dry hair. Then, working section by section, maneuver the thermal brush through your hair as you would with a blow dryer and round brush.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Amika Blowout Brush Delivers Amazing Hair

I bought the Amika thermal brush and it is the best money I have ever spent on a hair product. If you are a contortionist and able of give yourself a salon quality blow-out, this product is not meant for you. For the rest of us, this thermal brush is a God-send. You will have beautiful shiny bouncy curls without all the work and time. This thermal brush delivers the blowout look as promised IF used correctly!

How to use (in my opinion):

Work you favorite blow out spray or balm, light style cream and heat protection spray through freshly washed hair.

Blow dry your hair lifting it at the roots with a normal ceramic round brush exaggerating the way you want to hair to go in your final blow out look. I blow dry with my hair with my head upside down after I set the roots with the brush, only using my fingers. Basically, you're giving yourself big 80's hair. Dry your hair thoroughly and when done, do not brush that huge 80's hair out!!! You are going to brush it with the Blowout brush.

The brush has 2 settings: normal heat and ionic. DO NOT start with the ionic setting--start with the normal red light setting. Taking small 2" sections of hair roll the brush through the hair section starting mid-length----roll the brush continuously over and over again making sure the hair is being separated by the bristles and your hair begin to tame.

Once the hair rolls easily through the bristles from roots to ends, roll all the hair up into the brush starting at ends getting as close to the root as you can. Hold the brush in place for 10 seconds or so depending upon your hair type to get the curl.

Then very gently/slowly unwind the hair from the brush, take the hot curl of hair immediately pinning it to your head. Work in sections until all your hair is pinned. Let the hair cool completely.

Next, unpin all the hair allowing the curls fall. I finger comb my hair out with my favorite hair oil rubbed on my hands. Work the hair into the style you like using your fingers. OKAY. Your hair should look ah-mazing at this point.

NOW, turn the ionic green light setting on. It will make clicky noises. This setting smooths the hair. Do not use throughout all your hair or it will go flat. Just use the brush on the ionic setting on the ends/areas needing smoothed or to correct a way ward strand of curl. Lightly hair spray your style.

Congratulations! Without further ado, get out there and soak up all the wonderful comments on your stunning hair!

BTW, I have long thick wavy hair to the middle of my back and this style took me from beginning with wet hair to the end look in less than 40 mins.

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Revolutionary Idea

This is the best thing to hit the blow-dry scene since the round brush. This brush heats up fast and gives a major boost to 2nd-day blowout. Flat, bounce-less hair find new life after a few passes from this brush...just twirl like you would a round brush during a blowout.

If you have thick hair like me, you'll have to do smaller sections but otherwise, this is a perfect hot tool.

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I am already a HUGE Amika fan and this Thermal Brush is nothing short of amazing. Made my hair look like I had just gotten it done professionally and all in a matter of 5 minutes. Perfect for creating volume, especially for second day hair.

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Like getting a blowout without arm workout.
It works just like a round brush but without the hassle of using the blowdryer. I typically hold for about 10 seconds and it rolls out like a blowout curl.

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I absolutely loved this styling tool for about the first four months, after that, I started to notice the bristles disappearing in sections. When I looked inside through the holes, I saw a lot of bristles, so I assumed that they got pushed in with use...but no! Nearly all of the bristles cooked to death and just gradually splintered off around my head, face, counters, etc. I didn't realize where they came from at first, but I sure do now!

The problem now is that there is only one very short section of bristles left, and it won't even grab my hair, so I can't use it :\.

I must admit that when using it, I always cranked it up to the highest heat setting, so I'm probably partially to blame for this fashion & beauty My advice is to be a little more reasonable.

Well here's the funny part, I still loved it enough that I'm going to ask for another one, and use it on a medium setting. It also couldn't have helped on the days when I forgot to unplug it, went to work, and returned home to, "you know, you left that hair thing in all day." Whoopsie 

Despite the weardown from my abuse, this brush was AMAZING! I highly recommend it! BEST STYLING TOOL I HAVE EVER USED!!!

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