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Strengthen hair and improve its resilience through your entire haircare routine with the Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Finishing Spray.


Birchbox Breakdown

Frizzy, flyaway-prone, and all-around unmanageable hair, meet your match. After just a single treatment, this velvety, potent balm repairs and revitalizes even the most distressed, parched strands. Formulated with strengthening Ojon oil, this pre-shampoo treatment increases hair’s resilience against breakage, leaving it silky, soft and beautifully smooth. Even better—the scent is deliciously addictive.

How it Works

Ojon oil derives its transformative power from essential lipids that are similar to those found in virgin hair. Infusing hair with this restorative oil rejuvenates it and increases its health and luster. Forget preservatives, artificial color, or silicones—this gentle formula contains only the most nourishing ingredients to give your hair the TLC it craves.

How to Use

Scoop 1 to 1½ teaspoons into the palm of your hands and warm them together until it transforms into a lightweight oil. Distribute evenly throughout hair and scalp, and repeat until hair is fully saturated. Comb through and let penetrate for 20 minutes before rinsing. For overly damaged hair, apply low heat from a blow dryer for five minutes or leave the treatment in overnight. Use once a week.

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Waste of Time & Money.

A have blond frizzy/straight/kinda-curly hair and I use oil treatments to help maintenance the mess. This oil seemed to stay on top of the hair and never helped change the weight by absorbing into the strands. I've used lots of hair oils before and have at least got a little something out of them. Not this one, which bums me out because I still have 1/3 of the jar left:( The container is sleek and the oils smells great, but don't be fooled. Save your hard earned Birchbox points for something else.

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Average Product with a terrible seem

This product seems awful. The scent honestly reminds me of cigarette smoke. I left the product in for about 2 hours. It made the ends of my hair feel softer but the rest of my hair was very greasy. I had to shampoo my hair 3 times to get the scent out. Would not recommend.

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It smells weird and it seems like it would take a long time for the deep hair treatment to actually work even though it says to leave it on for about 15-30 minutes (can't quite remember). I just don't have the time to sit around and wait for the hair mask to work. I have not seen a noticeable difference of softness and shine on my hair either.

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on the fence

My thick, curly hair has been destroyed over the last year by--long story--a series of color and cut disasters, after the last of which the top layer of my hair simply stopped curling up and turned to an awful, straw-like texture. I've been trying everything to get it back to it's normal curly state, and finally turned to this Ojon mask, which I was told is particularly great for curls. I've now used it twice--which, for my post-shoulder-length hair, means I've used about two thirds of the pot--and I'm on the fence about it: The first time, I left it in for about five hours, and actually went running and to yoga with it in, so that heat was generated, and I saw a noticeable difference in my hair when I washed it out. The second time, I heated jt up with a blow dryer, wrapped a warm towel around it, and left it in for about an hour, and the difference was much less pronounced. My hair felt softer, but not dramatically so.

So, first, I'd say that this is a product that really needs to stay in your hair for a long time to work. If you can sleep with it in, that's ideal. But leaving it on for twenty minutes isn't going to allow it to penetrate the hair shaft.

But, second, I'm not sure, honestly, as other have said, that this works any better than coconut oil, which I've also been using and which functions in a similar way. If I leave it in for huge lengths of time, I really see a difference. Anything less, not so much.

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I loved the smell of this, however my hair didn't respond to this as well as my nose did. I have thick fine hair and albeit my hair was slightly softer, it didn't do all that it said it would do.

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No drastic results

I've almost finished my pot, and honestly I haven't seen a noticeable difference. I have fine, but coarsely textured hair, and I've never found a product that has made a difference with the wire-y texture. I think this product would be suited to more manageable hair types, but if you're in the midst of a life long hair texture struggle, I wouldn't spend the money on this.

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Frankly i love the smell!

I have purchased this item several times thru QVC and not only love the unique smell (something like smokey coffee beans), but it made a huge difference in my fine hair. I comb it thru my hair and leave on for 20 mins or longer and then shampoo out. Makes it smooth and shiny!

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Give it a try!

Absolutely love this! Makes my hair SO soft and shiny after using. I love most of Ojon's products but this is definitely my favorite. And although some are complaining about the smell, I actually enjoy it.

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Terrible scent

I have never smelled any product worse than this mask. I can usually stand foul-smelling products, especially if they help my hair, but this scent is awful and makes me feel sick. In my desperate attempts to like this product (I bought a full-size jar), I tried wearing it overnight and applying heat, but nothing made a positive difference for my hair.

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No more split ends, but at a cost

The second I opened the packets I got from in my box, the smell of this mask was overwhelming. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but it was not pleasant for me. In addition to the bad smell, it was very sticky and hard to work into my hair. Still, I let it work its magic and left it in for about 20 minutes. And behold! Beautiful ends! This mask really helped me get rid of my split ends. Unfortunately, its smell and the dry feel it left on the rest of my hair turn me off when it comes to this product, but if you need something for super split ends, this mask is golden.

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