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To get wet hair iron-ready, first dry it with Sedu’s 6000i Blow Dryer.


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We admit it: Hitting the snooze button a time or two has become part of our morning routine. That’s why we rely on this styling iron from Sedu, which heats up fast and smooths unruly locks into a sleek, stylist-worthy ’do in just minutes. The tool is durable enough to last day in and day out, yet lightweight enough to be easy on the wrists—plus a 9-foot-long, 360-degree swivel cord makes it easy to maneuver. It also features adjustable temperature control with a digital temperature reading (ranging from 180°F to 450°F) so you can style any type of hair with precision.

How to Use

Heat the iron to your desired temperature and slide it slowly from roots to ends to straighten hair. Want to make waves? For a change of pace, leverage the tool’s beveled edge plates to add curls, waves, or a flip.

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wet or dry it works

I just bought the flat iron and it is my favorite one yet. It says that it also curls, but I haven't been able to master that technique and finish the ends with a curling iron. super speedy straightener.

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Me likey

I bought this from a different website, for much cheaper might I add.. like $150 cheaper and got a free hair dryer with purchase and it IS it is an authorized retailer=SCORE! I have only used it 1x, but think it'll be a winner. Only complaint and problem I can see is that my hair is VERY long and mediumish thick..and I've got a lot of hair..I could probably benefit from the wider model..but reviews didn't seem as good..plus I don't use it often! Didn't notice any fancy shine like I hve hear from others..but again 1x use..need more trys probably.

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Perfect for Fragile Hair

My hair is very thin, and this iron styles it perfectly without having to worry about damaging my fine hair. It makes your hair feel very soft and hydrated. The auto shut-off is also a nice feature if you sometimes forget to turn off your straightener.

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Amazing results

I was long overdue for a new hair straightener and this one did not disappoint. It heats up super fast and straightens my hair in half the time of my old straightener. I have fine hair (but a lot of it!) and the iron is super smooth and doesn't snag my hair at all. Highly recommend!!

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life changing

I swear by Sedu straighteners. I upgraded to this model when my old one died after using daily for over 3 years. This one is great. It gets hot and stays hot fast. It also has an automatic shut off which makes me less nervous about forgetting to shut it off. This plus the fact that my hair has never looked better!

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Great Iron, worth the price

I've been using a Sedu Iron for years now without any complications. I use to use a Chi , but I found my hair breaking and snagging between the plates. I recently upgraded and bought this iron for myself, and love styling my hair! Not only does it heat up fast, it also turns off after 30 minutes- great for forgetful people like myself! Buy this iron and you won't be disappointed!

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