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For extra shine, pair this hydrating treatment with SHU UEMURA Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Nourishing Conditioner.

SHU UEMURA Art of Hair

Birchbox Breakdown

Stylists lovingly refer to SHU UEMURA’s original Nourishing Oil as liquid gold and novelist Julie Klam recently told us the luxurious elixir is the one product she couldn’t live without. Now SHU UEMURA has reformulated Essence Absolue goodness into a nourishing leave-in treatment. The fast-absorbing formula disappears into hair to leave it soft and sleek. Even if you skip heat styling, you’ll notice that your hair looks immediately more polished.

How it Works

The luxurious cream nourishes dry strands and smooths frizz and flyaways. Antioxidant-packed Camellia Oil protects and hydrates.

How to Use

Apply a pea-sized amount to your palm (a little goes a long way) and work through damp hair from mid-shaft to tips.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


I purchased the full soze tube of this after reading reviews on Birchbox. I never received a sample of it, but out of everything I ordered that day during "Sweet 16", this is a winner.

I have exceptionally dry, fine, color-treeated/damaged hair that can stand up straight in front from breakage. I've tried many prestige-brand oils and creams and found they either did nothing, made my hair dull, flat or felt heavy. I also find I'm allergic to many brands.

This has been a delightful find as it not only smells wonderful, no allergies, no heaviness, makes my hair shiny and easier to blow dry and keeps the flyaways tamed for the most part.

My only caution would be to start with less than a dime-sized amount and build from there. I used more the first time and my hair was a bit flat. Next shampoo I used much less, dried it and used a bit more on my flyaways before flat ironing. That worked wonders. For the price, the tuvbe is large and so small an amount used that it's worth it.

As someone trying to survive breast cancer who still works, I wish they'd make a travel size as I'm on the go a lot.

This and Miss Jesse's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, which completely detangled my long hair have replaced almost all other hair products.

The other two products I ordered, Miss Jesse's Rapid Recovery Treatment (way too heavy for my hair texture leaving it looking dull and not nourished) and Bain de Terre Blow Dry Smoothing Cream (smelled heavenly, but didn't do anything and made my eye's red and watery) were not hits.

I wish Birchbox would send samples on request to subscribers or a twice-a-year "design your own box" of 5 samples so many of us could try what we've been thinking about before purchase.

Sidenote: hair and skin change radically over the decades. It would be wonderful if Birchbox would take note of that. I'm in my later 50's, look much younger, not into green nail polishes, bright reds on my lips or fads and work in a high stress field where this stuff is a definite "no". I'm also medium-skinned, but it's translucent with pink undertones. Most boxes end up with my daughter!

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I have fine hair and most products weigh it down. This doesn't. Just use a small amount. It keeps my hair looking great after styling and prevents those little fly aways. I got this as a sample but will probably purchase the full size when the sample runs out.

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Love love love

This is amazing, I have thin colored hair, and it makes my hair feel soft and beautiful. It smells terrific and held up over night. Today I've gotten compliments all day! Pricey, but shu always is.

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Great for my busy lifestyle

This product is great for someone who is always rushing like me. I have dry, curly, frizzy hair and when I'm in a really big rush I rely on the crème in oil instead of stopping to use conditioner. My hair seems tames and hydrated afterwards. Love it. Oh and it smells like lilacs.

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Awesome! Best! Product!

This product *is* pricey but well worth it. You only need a very small amount - depending on your hair - to be effective. I have long straight hair that is past my shoulders and a pea-sized amount is enough, so don't be scared by the price. I use this when my hair is damp, from the "ears" on down to the ends (not at the crown of near the roots) and style like usual - blow dry, then leave it to rest, flat iron, or use a curling wand. It leaves my hair feeling shiny, smooth, fly-away free. There is a more polished look about it and it feels softer too. The smell is also very faint and disappears after a moment. Highly recommend.

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I was expecting more from this product having owned the Oil. DO NOT COMBINE THE TWO. The first time I tried the product I did exactly that. The combination left my hair feel extremely greasy and flat. I later tried this product by itself and blew out my hair. This result was much more successful. It left my hair feeling soft and sleek (in a good way this time). I don't blow my hair out very often. Im more of an air dry kind of gal. Would recommend to someone who does.

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Shu Uemura Absolue Cream in Oil

I got a sample of this tube of magic in the Vanity Affair box and immediately ordered a full size after trying it only once. Crazy, but once you try it you'll have the same "I NEED THIS" moment that I did! Now I have the full size and I'm never looking back.

First off, I have long, straight, fine hair that is almost a dishwater blonde color (it has always looked very muted and plain to me). This product seems to make my hair glow; my hair no longer looks dull and lifeless.

The Absolue Cream in Oil also makes my hair look and feel SO soft and healthy, without losing volume and weighing it down. It tames flyaways and leaves hair with a healthy shine, not greasy or "slicked" looking.

My favorite part is that I can use this product alone after doing nothing to my hair (just letting it air dry) and it makes a big difference. Usually I don't use hair products unless I'm using a flat or curling iron, but this made me look like I'd put actual effort into my hair even though I'd only used a dab of this stuff and no heat. Even if I'm running out the door with wet hair, I can put this on (kind of in lieu of a leave in conditioner) and when my hair dries I get a similar effect. I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever use another finishing cream again. I know I sound like a sales rep talking this product up like it's God's gift to woman, but IT REALLY IS THE BEST THING EVER!!

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Works great on fine hair

I got the deluxe size Absolue Cream in the LE Vanity Affair. I've been using it almost daily for a few weeks now and have to agree with the other reviewers. It smells wonderful, makes my hair silky soft and manageable, but doesn't weigh it down. I have fine, color treated hair and it never leaves it feeling oily. It also imparts a beautiful shine and makes my hair look really healthy. I'll be buying the full size, and I want to try everything else from this brand.

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This cream is very moisturizing. I use it after shampooing and let my hair dry. My hair is wavy and tends to be frizzy. This helps a lot with the the frizz. It takes some trial and error to find the right amount to use. It doesn't make your hair crunchy but too much will make your hair appear oily. It smells nice but the scent is not strong and overwhelming.

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The VERY BEST for fine, frizzy untameable hair

This is my favorite hair product of all time and that is saying a lot. I have tried every oil including the one in the blue box, every spray, cream and gel for my super fine and frizzy hair that I blow dry and flat iron every morning. I could never find anything to keep my hair smooth and professional looking until now.
I use the Essence Absolue Cream in Oil (about a dime size) when my hair has been in a towel dried. Because my hair is thin I don't rub it in to the roots but work it thoroughly from about an inch from the scalp down. I then use Oribe thickening spray very lightly at my roots where my part is and then blow dry a bit with a round brush and then flat iron.
The first time I used this I couldn't believe how shiny and straight my hair looked. I waited for the dreaded "temple frizz" and even was out in misty rain and nothing happened. Just to be sure, I have used this product for about two months and am still as happy as I was the first time I used it.
To avoid any build up I use Kerastase Chroma Riche which is a more cleansing shampoo every other day and Oribe Moisturing Shampoo on alternate days.
You must try this ....and use less than you think you should the first time. You can always add more to your dry hair as another reviewer said. When you begin to dry and iron your hair you won't believe how a small amount changes the look of your hair, not weighing it down but giving it a healthy smooth shine. Love this!

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