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The sky is the limit when you combine this texturizing dry shampoo with SHU UEMURA Art of Hair Fiber Lift, an airy gel that adds body and dimension.

SHU UEMURA Art of Hair

Birchbox Breakdown

Dry-shampooing has been around since the 18th century when wig-wearing aristocrats sprinkled their faux mops with oil-absorbing powders. But a recent boom means there’s a glut of products to choose from—and this travel-ready volumizer is one of our top picks. The compact click-applicator brush lets you get those translucent silica particles exactly where you need them for all-day lift. You know the adage: Good things come in small packages.

How it Works

This fragrance-free, dual-purpose powder delivers fake-clean, full-bodied locks with a single click. Oil-absorbing silica silyate keeps grease at bay, while texturizing polymers adhere to the hair’s surface for invisible texture and lift.

How to Use

Start with dry hair. Remove the top cap and click the button on the bottom a couple times to release the white powder into the goat-hair brush. Apply to the roots, then massage mane with fingers to blend and activate the product. The more you use, the more volume your hair will have. And if you’re after Dolly Parton-like volume, use a flat-backed brush to tease your tresses.

Silica silyate, aqua/water, glycerin, alcohol denat., vp/va copolymer, citric acid, sodium benzonate, potassium sorbate.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Decent product with decent results

I had never even heard of this before but decided to try it. I was satisfied with the size and quantity, but it was not as effective as I would have hoped. It does smell very nice and works well enough that I will continue to use it but I'm not sure that I would buy it again. Maybe it's just not good for extremely thin hair.

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good travel product

I wanted a product I could apply on the plane after an all day flight. I've tried dry shampoos before and always had bad experiences with a chalky looking scalp. This product is fair better then anything else I've used. It was a great short term fix. It did leave my hair feeling a little crunchy though.

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OK but I prefer dry shampoo

I love Shu products, and I really wanted to like this! I had been using a dry shampoo prior to this purchase but thought this looked like a great alternative. I think it might have worked if my hair were shorter, but for me, this didn't add a lot of volume. The application was awkward for me as well. I could never really tell how much I was applying. I ended up pushing the button a LOT of times and didn't feel like there was a noticeable difference in volume. On the plus side, it didn't leave my hair sticky or stiff like dry shampoo can do. I'm going to keep working with this product; maybe if I work it more with my fingers after application that will make a difference!

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Absolutely amazing!

My hairstylist used this on me at the Birchbox Local and I'm hooked! I'm seriously considering buying one despite it's 48$ price tag. One nice little tip: use it to brush your baby hairs into the rest of your bangs. It works beautifully to meld them in.

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Would buy over and over again

I have struggled with the concept of a dry shampoo for years. I love the application and the texture of this dry shampoo. It doesn't feel dirty or wierd on my scalp and a lot of times I put it on as a thickener after I've washed my hair. This will be great for camping. I love it!

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You can live without this one.

Not my favorite "volumizing" hair powder. I was excited to this because I love Shu Uemura products but I was disappointed with this one. Maybe it isn't meant for my hair type but left me with partial volume when I know my hairs volume potential. Plus, it doesn't smell good at all!

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I keep this product in my purse for a quick freshen up of my hair. It adds volume! It smells good ! It is perfect for traveling and no TSA problems.

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Defies gravity!

I have looooong straight fine hair. I curl the ends to give a soft wavy look but at the end of the day, the top part of my head just falls flat due to gravity. I've never used S.U. products before and bought the volume maker on a whim. I tried it on my roots and worked it in and Voila! I have volume!! AND IT LASTED ALL DAY!! It's pricey, but it's a good investment. I will definitely purchase again.

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