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Who doesn’t want a shorter morning routine? Sedu®'s - 6000i Blow Dryer significantly cuts down on AM prep time and the extra-long, nine-foot cord gives us free range.

Sedu® - Revolution Flat Iron

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Flat irons that expertly straighten hair without damage are few and far between. We know because we've tried them all. Our exhaustive testing has paid off: we've finally found our rock star. Not only does the Sedu® Revolution Flat Iron straighten our manes like a pro, but it also adds serious shine, thanks to tourmaline-infused ceramic plates. We also love that this flat iron heats up in 25 seconds flat, taking our locks from hot-mess to hotness in no time.

How to Use

Lightly spritz clean, towel-dried hair with a heat-protective mist and blow dry. Clip hair into 1- to 2-inch sections (leave one section out to start with) and turn your flat iron on to the appropriate heat setting for your hair type (the curlier the hair, the higher the heat). Allow the iron to warm up for 25 seconds and carefully clamp the iron down on the first section of hair, starting at the root. Gently pull the iron straight down the hair shaft in one smooth motion and go over the section a few times until straight. Repeat steps for the rest of the sections, seal in shine with some more styling mist, and whip your luscious hair back and forth accordingly.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great iron

I've been using this iron for a few years now. It works well, heats quickly, and makes my hair look silky and shiny. I bought a Sedu hair dryer because of how much I love this iron.

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Amazing tool!

This flat iron gets my hair perfectly straight, without leaving it dry! Gets hot very quick but does take a good amount of time to cool.

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Very nice!

Heats up and straightens quickly. Also seems to damage a lot less than the straighter I had before. Have not used to make curls yet.. will have to see how it does to make a final judgement

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Holding up and still works great

this was bought for my then middle school daughter I had had the chi for years but wanted to help her not damage or burn hair so wo temp setting On chi I did on a limb try this one and although it just quit working after 11months I was able to contact company and retrieve proof of purchase through bb and they immediately sent us a brand new replacement and haven't had a problem since!bb and the company were great w even warranties

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My previous flat iron and I were best buds, 7 years! I truly loved it and sadly I couldn't find it again. I went researching and found Sedu, which has great reviews!
I am ash blonde, fresh new bob, clean ends, light curl-wave texture. I have had this iron for 3 months and I am still sad about my purchase.
Pros: Heats quickly and evenly. Great size for the flat iron curl, little to no snagging or catching.
Cons: I have mine set to 325-330 degrees, I confirmed w/ my hair stylist on heat settings. I have to make several runs for a straight look. This girls got work to do! My biggest complaint is that I am not getting "shine" results. More like greasy... this could also be attributed to my hair color- but nonetheless what a bummer. I had to test different hair protectors to find the best one to pair with the flat iron, and I can't add anything post flat iron. I don't have greasy hair, and I wash it every other day. Womp womp.

Overall, I think this product is great for others, unfortunately bad for me.

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