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Birchbox Breakdown

Now that our feet are tucked into close-toed shoes, we're postponing pedicures until the spring thaw. But our tootsies can still look fab year-round with these brightly patterned knee-high socks. Made with ultrasoft combed cotton, they keep feet warm, protect them from blisters, and exude a jaunty vibe all at once. And whether you’re strapping on a pair of chic ankle booties or snowshoes, that’s a distinct advantage.

How it Works

These knee-high socks rely on high-quality combed cotton for their softness, and Swedish design savvy for their cuteness.

How to Use

Wear these foot-warmers inside your favorite pair of shoes or around the house. To extend their shelf life, turn socks inside out when washing.

80% combed cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane

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