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For an even beachier vibe, slip on the shell-studded, ocean-toned Hipanema Wave bracelet.

Hipanema Rainbow Bracelet

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M – 7 in.



Birchbox Breakdown

We sometimes (read: always) have trouble settling on which accessory to wear. Luckily, with this many-colored, many-stranded, many-textured cuff, we can enjoy a little of everything in a single piece. Inspired by the bold patterns and bright colors of Rio fashion, it combines thread, beads, tassels, shells, and a Brazilian wish ribbon for effortless—and unmistakable—style.

How to Use

This handmade bracelet fastens with a gold magnetic clasp—so unlike the last bracelets we made (read: the friendship bracelets we tied on in middle school), it’s easy to remove when it doesn’t match our outfit.

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