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While we love these miniature sticky dots, when we have larger wardrobe woes like stray bra straps we turn to the original Hollywood Fashion Tape®.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets® Hollywood Fashion Tape® Dots

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Birchbox Breakdown

The right accessories can pull an entire outfit together, but we’re always fussing with scarves, necklaces, and cuffs that shift around throughout the day. Solution? These little double-sided sticky dots. The backstage experts at Hollywood Fashion Secrets® created these mini-fasteners to keep our accessories in place, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

How to Use

Remove the backing from one side of the dot. Apply it directly to fabric or skin, and press for a few seconds to adhere. Remove the remaining side of the tape and secure your accessory or strap in place.

Double-coated medical tape consisting of 3M transparent polyethylene film, coated on both sides with a hypoallergenic, pressure sensitive acrylate adhesive.

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