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For an original cake decoration, try Meri Meri’s charming Cake Flags.

Meri Meri

Birchbox Breakdown

You don’t need to have Martha Stewart-level crafting skills to throw your own Pinterest-ready party. These darling flower garlands are perfect for sprucing up a spring fling, baby shower, birthday party—or just adding a little style to your living space. The best part: they’re fun to put together but are virtually foolproof, even for those of us without a single crafty bone in our bodies.

How it Works

This set includes 4 large and 10 small premade flower pennants that are pre-punched with holes, so they’re ready to string on the included thread. Bright yellow, pink, orange, and gold will liven up any party décor.

How to Use

Simply string the flowers onto the included thread, and hang them over a doorway, along a fireplace mantle, or over the dessert table.

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