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No party is complete without cupcakes. Add style to yours with Meri Meri’s Toot Sweet Cupcake Kit.

Meri Meri

Birchbox Breakdown

Our childhood birthday parties were adorned with bright streamers and cartoon-character balloons bobbing along the ceiling. We’re just as into decorations now as we were then, but as we’ve grown up, our party style has evolved. That’s why we’re stocking up on this chic garland from the party pros at Meri Meri. They set the mood and up the style factor of any gathering—as if we needed any more reason to throw a party.

How it Works

Choose between two festive designs to suit your celebration. Toot Sweet Pink and Glitter includes hearts, stars, and hexagons in hot pink, glittery gold, and white for a fun, girly addition to any gathering. Pretty Birdies features pastel-hued birds—perfect for spring celebrations, baby showers, and birthdays. Both come with shimmery gold twine to tie the looks together.

How to Use

String the pennants onto the included twine, and hang them over a doorway, along a fireplace mantle, or over the dessert table.

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The world needs more MERI MERI

The world needs more MERI MERI! This was fun, stress relieving activity that takes you back to happy child hood memories. I loved doing this with my niece!

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love it

i got this for my friend on christmas! she loves to hang things around the room to give her space a nice girly touch. she absolutely loved it!

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Inexpensive decor

The birds are smaller than I imagined but there so many of them that did not bother me. I attached the birds to the gold twine before I hung the garland up, which I think was a mistake. I should have hung the gold twine up by itself first, and then attached the birds one by one, because once I hung up the garland the birds all flipped upside down. I tried flipping them right side up but then they would just flip over. The garland made for really cool and inexpensive décor for my apartment.

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So Pretty!

I love this. I got the Pretty Birdies and they're perfect for decorating my dorm room. I will say that they were a little smaller than I anticipated, but there are enough of them and the string is so long that they cover enough ground to be a great decoration.

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