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Skin&Co Pure Soy Candle - Sage Skin&Co Pure Soy Candle - Cretan Awakening Skin&Co Pure Soy Candle - Sevilla Revival Skin&Co Pure Soy Candle - White Truffle

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Made with rare truffle extract, Skin&Co Roma’s TRUFFLE THERAPY™ BODY MILK Super Enriching Anti-Aging Truffle Body Milk is perfect for tackling wrinkles and hydrating dry skin.

Skin&Co Roma

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Birchbox Breakdown

If the idea sipping Barolo and whipping up classic Italian dishes appeals to you, but the reality of guzzling box wine and mincing fresh produce does not, this aromatic candle could be your ideal after-work treat. Made with all-natural soy and infused with Umbrian-inspired scents, Skin&Co Roma’s Pure Soy Candle delivers an instant dose of aromatherapy and soothing ambiance.

How it Works

This candle fills your space with soft light and a relaxing scent. There are four fragrance options to choose from: White Truffle, an earthy and slightly musky bouquet; Sage, a homey, herbal blend, Cretan Awakening, a mix of cypress and sweet apple blossom; and Sevilla Revival, a fresh minty scent with a hint of citrus. The unique wooden wick crackles, adding a comforting touch, and like all things from this insanely chic Italian brand, the candle is housed in an elegant glass vase and comes with a cork top.

How to Use

Light the wooden wick and let the scent take over. Don’t forget to blow out your candle before you leave the room!

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it's bath time

Seriously, I feel like I am sitting next to a campfire when this is burning. The crackling of the wood wick is so soothing while sitting in a hot bath and scent is fresh and sweet.

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