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This set makes for a nice engagement gift for eclectic couples. Also a no-brainer for your company’s notoriously hilarious Secret Santa.


Birchbox Breakdown

The mini-moustache trend is still in full force, you guys. And pop art-inspired lips are retro chic to match. This his & her place card holder set is standard fodder for hipsters, nerds, and ironically inclined couples. And what with tablescapes becoming as high design as taste will allow, stylish garnishes provide a touch of whimsy amidst all the fussy organic food.

How it Works

Ham up your dining table with these card holders holding court at each guest’s place setting and watch the witty conversation unfold. These sand cast brass ornaments add a heavy dose of charm to an otherwise boring name card. Over time, the brass ages nicely giving the set an heirloom quality.

How to Use

Insert a name card with each guest’s handwritten name—or a funny moniker if you’re in the mood—into the holder’s horizontal slot to let everyone know where to park themselves at the table. When not in use, place in a prominent spot on your mantel or bookshelf or wherever quirky tchotchkes reside. To clean, apply brass polish using a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and scratches.

Polished brass

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