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If you're attempting to transform your house (or tiny apartment) into a home, nothing does the trick quite like a lushly scented candle. Our recent favorites are these unique options from NYC-based apothecary (MALIN+GOETZ). Made with a natural blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes, each unisex candle has 60 hours of burn time and looks chic with any décor.

How it Works

This sleek dark rum candle has top notes of bergamot and plum that mellows to a body of bay rum and leather middle notes. Completing the exotic mix, base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla provide a balanced finish.

How to Use

Light the wick and let the scent take over. Never leave your candle unattended, and don’t forget to blow out your candle before you leave the room.

Paraffin, Petrolatum and Microcrystalline Blend, Mineral Oil, Dark Rum Fragrance Oil

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Amazing, Heady and Drunk

I totally dig this candle. I'm a candle collector and this is among the top of my list. This is a man's scent for sure - smells like an old wooden beach shack, bonfire, and good dark glass of rum. I've smelled this before and wasn't able to purchase until I cashed in my BB points. The Cannabis is also phenomenal. Malin + Goetz candles fill rooms with scent even when unlit. Crazy good candles.

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Wonderful Scent but Holy Soot Batman!

I enjoy the warm subtle scent this candle presents in my small apartment.

The only reason I'm giving it 4/5 is because, although it's a typical problem with candles, the amount of soot that was deposited on my wall after it was lit for ~1 hr was a surprise.

I'm not sure I would buy again.

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If you like the cannabis scent they make you will love the dark rum. I have these candles in every room, I have never been disappointed trying a new scent.

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the greatest smell in the world

This candle makes the entire room smell incredible. Such a rich, deep scent that is perfect for the impending chilly nights. M+G candles are truly top notch and absolutely worth the $$$. Dark Rum is such a great departure from all of the other generic seasonal scents (i.e. pumpkin spice, spruce, peppermint, etc). Can't wait to burn this all winter long.

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Different but good

Very manly and warm smelling, which is a refreshing change from something fruity. If you're looking for something different - I'd recommend this, esp in winter! Great for cold nights

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