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If you fall more on the wine and cheese end of the entertaining spectrum, try MYdrap’s Cotton Cocktail Napkin Rolls.

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  • 25 napkins (7.9" x 7.9") per roll   
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Birchbox Breakdown

We love throwing impromptu dinner parties (what, you don’t get urges to whip up oversized batches of lasagna?). But we hate pairing our home cooked meals with shoddy paper napkins or towels. Enter MYdrap’s ingenious cotton napkins. The oversized linens are easy to store and reusable, and ensuring that you’re always prepared for a crowd.

How it Works

Made from 100 percent biodegradable cotton, these semi-disposable napkins can be laundered and reused up to six times. When you’re done, just toss them in the recycling bin.

How to Use

These eco-friendly linens come on a perforated roll, so all you need to do is tear away. Each roll includes 25 7.9” by 7.9” napkins.

100% Cotton

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Fun for everyone

These cotton napkin rolls were a hit with my kids. They got a kick out of decorating these napkins and then using them.

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