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Both Soak’s Handmaid Hand Cream and Rinse-Free Wash are available solo.


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  • 3 oz. Soak and 3 oz. Handmaid   
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Birchbox Breakdown

As city dwellers, we used to put off laundry day as long as possible, preferring to put our quarters toward more important things like our next vacation. But now that we found this Canadian brand’s scented detergent and hand cream duo, we actually look forward to washing our duds. Designed for delicate fabrics—including lingerie and wool sweaters—the eco-friendly wash protects the vibrancy of fibers so your clothes look and smell fresh. Meanwhile, the cream keeps hands protected as you go about your everyday chores. Best of all, the travel-size bottles are small enough to tuck into your carry-on when you finally decide to set off on your next globetrotting adventure.

How it Works

Soak’s unique no-rinse formula saves time and keeps clothes from wearing out. You can use it to wash clothes by hand or machine. It’s great for bathing suits, exercise gear, bulky sweaters, baby clothing, and even heirloom quilts. The matching hand cream is made with shea butter, olive oil, and vitamins A and E team to cure dryness. Available in Aquae (a fresh sea breeze scent), Lacey (a modern blend of spring blossoms and sweet bergamot), Celebration (a subtly sweet, fruity scent), Yuzu (a combination of tart citrus and eucalyptus), and Scentless.

How to Use

Slather on the cream whenever your hands are feeling dry. For the Soak wash, pour one teaspoon into a sink, soak item for 15 minutes, and gently squeeze out the water. Lay knit items flat to dry. Note: Some color may bleed into the water, but no need to worry—this won’t harm your garment. This rinse-free wash can also be used in a washing machine (including high-efficiency machines!), as well as used as a spot cleaner.

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Very disappointed

I love the soak detergent, however I am not happy with this particular purchase. I'm running low so I wanted to repurchase the full size 14oz bottle which is $10. BB is sold out of every scent so I figured this twosome would have to do in the meantime... I didn't even think to look at the size since it was $20 I figured it would be at least half the 14oz bottle... wrong! This was literally 3 oz!! Seriously what a waste. Unfortunately I don't feel like returning it.

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Nice products, but SO TINY!

Wow! I like to think that I pay close attention to the products that I order on-line, but I definitely missed the "small print" in the description of the Soak Twosome! The lotion and detergent are both quite nice, with absolutely no scent whatsoever (a huge selling point for me)! However, each bottle is only 3 ounces! Although you don't need a lot of it to do the job, I do have a lot of hand-washables and I apply lotion throughout the day because I live in a cold climate, so I will go through this in no time. I love the Tocca delicate wash and the orange fragrance does not bother my skin, but it was sold out, so I decided to try this instead. The Soak products are good, but I'm not sure that they are worth $20 for 6 ounces.

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