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For a fragrant twist on your standard detergent, try The Laundress® Le Labo Rose 31 Signature Detergent.

The Laundress®

Birchbox Breakdown

We would never go out of our way to put anything harsh on our skin, so why should we be putting harsh chemicals on the things that touch our skin? Free of chlorine, this all-purpose bleach is a nontoxic way to keep your whites pristine and your colors bright. Not only is it safe to use on colored fabrics, but the unscented formula doubles as a household cleaner.

How it Works

Nontoxic and biodegradable, this bleach alternative is free of chlorine, petroleum, SLS, phosphate, phthalates, fragrances, and dyes. Better yet, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

How to Use

The Laundress® isn’t kidding when they say “all-purpose.” To whiten and brighten your laundry, add two capfuls of bleach to the wash cycle, along with your regular detergent. Presoak dingy-looking fabrics by adding one capful to hot water. To pretreat stains, mix ½ capful with a stain solution, like The Laundress® Stain Solution. And, when it’s time to tidy up your living space, use this bleach to mop floors and scrub grody tiles. You can sprinkle ½ capful directly onto the surface and wipe it down with hot water, or add 1 capful to a bucket of hot water to create a nontoxic cleaning solution.

Chlorine-free oxygen bleach (100% sodium percarbonate).

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