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TOCCA Candela - Cleopatra TOCCA Candela - Stella

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For a smaller—but still sumptuously scented—version, try TOCCA Candelina.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Candles are a classic go-to for creating a relaxing setting—and when it comes to this collection, it’s not only the calmly flickering flame that soothes our spirits. The crisp, alluring scents are just the thing for a bit of refreshment and relaxation. And since they last for 60 hours, we’ll have plenty of time to put up our feet and enjoy.

How it Works

Filled with hand-poured paraffin wax and topped with a cotton wick free of zinc and lead, these candles burn free from environmental toxins. TOCCA’s staple scent, Stella, stems from Italian blood oranges and emits an invigorating aroma. Inspired by its namesake’s infamous beauty rituals, Cleopatra blends crisp cucumber and refreshing grapefruit.

How to Use

Remove the candle from the outer packaging before lighting on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials. For optimal results, burn at least 30 minutes and no more than two hours.

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Tocca Candle

Wonderful fragrance and long burn time. I will definitely reorder this candle once mine burns out. Makes a great gift also.

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This candle has a very nice subtle sent. It burns beautifully and I would highly recommend it to candle lovers.

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Delightful Fragrance

I received this candle for a gift and I am thrilled that the person who gave me this candle had such marvelous taste.
My home smells so amazing when I burn this candle and it is a subtle and sensual scent. When guests arrive, they alway comment, "Wow, your house smells wonderful ".
I highly recommend this brand of candle to anyone who wants that refined fragrance in their home.

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