Guythority by Jock Soap Deluxe Travel Shave Brush

Old school shaving sets will add some polish to your bathroom sink, but most are about as portable as a porcelain. This self-contained, transforming shave brush does all the same great work as other brushes—lifting and lathering your whiskers evenly to prevent ingrown hairs and blemishes—but it’s also travel-size and dopp kit-ready. Because where you go, your shaving ritual goes.

Guythority by Jock Soap Deluxe Travel Shave Brush
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It's Good As A Backup Brush

First of all, it's important to note that I am fairly new to wet shaving so I don't have a whole lot of experience with brushes. With that said, since I started, I have been using a badger hair brush.

I purchased this because we are getting ready to travel for a week and, rather than take the bigger brush I normally use, I wanted a travel brush that would be easier to pack. This seemed to be what I was looking for.

After opening the package, I was impressed with the design. It seemed like it could have been made with a little bit sturdier materials but it is for light travel so I guess I don't mind it. The brush itself in stored in the tube that also doubles as a handle. The lid that keeps it inside has hole in it to allow the brush to dry better while stored. When the brush is taken out of the tube, it is inserted into the other end of the tube which is smaller and allows the brush to make a tight connection. All in all, a pretty neat set up.

Now for my down-sides. First, after inserting the brush into the smaller end of the tube for use, I found it to be about three inches from impossible to remove the brush again, especially with wet hands. (I like to shave in the shower). After drying the brush and my hands, I was able to remove the brush from the handle by rocking it back and forth several times. Very difficult.

Secondly, I couldn't get this brush to make a good lather. Remember that I have only been wet shaving for a short time so this could be due to a lack of technique. The badger brush produces an exceptional lather but on the same soap puck, this brush gave me a watery, runny soapy mess that ran down my neck to my chest. I tried using less water, more water, longer and more vigorous whipping and swirling but nothing seemed to work for me.

Even with my down-sides, I am keeping this brush. I will continue to experiment with it and, if something should happen to my regular brush, I will have this as a backup.

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pretty cool

seems to be a great shave brush if you put cream on that way. im new school and just use my hands in the shower

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Exactly what I needed for travel

Since I switched earlier this year to a safety razor, I decided to pair it with a shaving brush. I bought this one specifically for traveling. It generates a nice lather no matter the soap. But the glue gave out the first time I used it, and the brush came apart from the base. A quick email to customer service and a new one was on its way. I think the issue with the first one was a fluke, as the new one has worked perfectly on my last four trips.

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half nice, half cheap

OK folks, I will admit I bought this on about site for a bit less, but it is the same one. The brush bristles are fantastic. My problem is that the container it collapses into is thin aluminum; not the polished chrome that it appears to be in the photo. It is a good buy, it would be worth paying 5 dollars more than the birchbox price to have it made of higher quality materials.

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I never found use or worth of a shave brush before and I always thought it was a waste of money, but I can honestly saw my boyfriend finds it to be a miracle.

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