Arcona Clarity Aftershave

Like helping little old ladies cross the street, running a razor over your mug is part of being a guy. But a clean-shaven face can sometimes result in irritating side effects. Keep razor burn and ingrown hairs in check with these aftershave pads, which also shrink the appearance of pores and combat breakouts. So all you have to worry about are those cheek-pinching grandmas.

Arcona Clarity Aftershave
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Works as advertised!

This product works great! I bought this for my husband for Christmas. His face is always a mess after shaving ingrown hairs and razor burn. After a couple of months of using this product his face looks much nicer after shaving and it is so easy to use. Perfect for the any low-maintenance man looking for great results.

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Works, but potent smell

I again bought this for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer. He's extremely low-maintenance. Like shampoo, MAYBE conditioner and face wash. Lotion on a good day. So the chance of him using an after-shave product was highly unlikely. I figured because it's like a wipe and not some 'fancy cream', he'd go for it. He uses an electric razor but still gets the occasional razor burn. though it smells a little bit like nail polish remover, he's used it a few times and does like it.

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A product that finally eliminates ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps have been problematic for me since I can remember. I have very sensitive skin, and follow the advice from my dermatologist and professionals; shave with the grain, exfoliate (daily for me), shave in the shower with soft, wet skin and a good shaving lather. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I've tried every after shave treatment, some work well, others don't. I skeptically tried these facial pads, after two weeks of use for my face to adjust, I immediately noticed differences. After shaving and showering, the first thing I do is wipe my cleansed face and beard area with a treated pad. I'm always surprised by what comes off, even after using a professional sonic facial cleanser. After use, moisturize and done. I can finally shave daily without worrying my five o'clock shadow will have five o'clock shaving bumps.

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