Acca Kappa Club Style Hairbrush

Acca Kappa has been making top-quality hairbrushes since 1869, and they show no signs of slowing. In keeping with the brand’s commitment to luxury materials, this club style brush features sturdy boar bristles, and an ergonomic handle made of durable Kotibe wood. Whether your hair is cropped short or flowing free, treat yourself to a few daily strokes for a happier, healthier coif.
Acca Kappa Club Style Hairbrush
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A beautiful piece of craftsmanship

Let's be a honest, a regular 'ol comb will do its job, but often times that (often flimsy) piece of plastic will cause more problems than it solves. Hair gets clopped together and pulls and you lose any chance at getting volume out of thin hair. Of course, any hairbrush will solve this problem - and granted you can find one at your local pharmacy for 1/4th the price - but that's not what you are paying for with this product.

Like most of the products on here, it is about the craftsmanship - the effort and care - put into the product, and, in this case, it leads to the creation of a beautiful product that you will be happy to display in your bathroom.

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