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Round out your vintage beach kit with a steel Izola Water Bottle.

Izola Paddle Ball Set

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Unleash your inner Agassi with this paddle ball set, a vintage-inspired throwback to the golden age of beach days. Whether you're playing on the sand or in the grass, you'll experience all the glory of a comeback win at Wimbledon. Okay, maybe not all the glory.

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Featuring carved wooden paddles, and a cotton mesh carrying bag, this set pays homage to a time when even the simplest objects were beautiful. Choose between the "Par Avion" and "Aloha" sets, and you’ll be back in the ‘60s in no time.

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These paddles are a fun game to play just about anywhere. my husband I have started bringing them with us when we go places because they are so portable and playing with is so easily adaptive. They also come in this little draw string bag that is quite cute and seems to be pretty durable. The reason I gave this product four out of five stars is because even though I really like this game and have been enjoying it, the construction on the paddles and quality of the ball are not as such that they will last. But for the cost we are very satisfied with our purchase.

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Fun Toy!

I bought the Surf theme set for my boyfriend for Christmas, and it's been a fun little toy to have. I recommend playing over a high net, such as a volleyball net or badminton, as opposed to a tennis net. Or if you're in a close enough space just hitting the ball back and forth can call for a lot of running around and fun.

The only reason I'm giving this item four instead of five stars is because the ball is very hollow and doesn't feel very durable. I'm worried that it will eventually pop open and will need to be replaced. However, the paddles are pretty solid and have a strong grip. I think they will last a long time, as will the woven bag that the set comes in for easy storage and toting around.

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