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JONATHAN ADLER Salad Bowl - Orange/Pink JONATHAN ADLER Salad Bowl - Blue/Green

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Serve your tasty creation with JONATHAN ADLER’s matching Salad Servers.

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Even the most humble pile of greens looks appealing when you toss them into this chic salad bowl. Created by interior design master Jonathan Adler, it’s a prime example of his bold and whimsical aesthetic. Made of glossy and durable melamine, the two-tone bowl is dishwasher-friendly and large enough to fit a bountiful salad.

How it Works

There are two colorful options to choose from: Blue/Green and Orange/Pink.

How to Use

Whip up your favorite salad and display it in the bowl at dinnertime.

100% melamine

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Fun and Bright

This bowl was bigger than expected which is great since I always make huge salads. The colors are fun and bright and will liven up the table!

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Perfect for Big Summer Salads!

This durable, fun bowl is HUGE. I purchased the blue/green version and it is stunning. The outside of the bowl is a pretty matte blue while the inside is a bright and shiny green. Together, they make a stunning presentation. I bought the matching salad servers from Jonathan Adler as well, and they seem made for one another. Honestly, this bowl looks so lovely that you'd never know it was made of melamine, which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to pass around a table. Although this is perfect for summer salads, I'll be using my bowl year-round.

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