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Cozy up with a cup of tea in the Jonathan Adler Stationery & Gifts Thermal Mug—perfect for a rainy day.

JONATHAN ADLER Stationery & Gifts Umbrella Dunbar Road

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We used to chronically lose our umbrellas—under the table after dinner, at a friend’s house, all locations were fair game. Now that this brightly patterned umbrella from design icon Jonathan Adler has arrived we’re proud to say the days of losing our umbrellas are over (there’s no way we’re leaving this one behind).

How to Use

Stay dry in style. When the skies clear up, pop it in the accompanying sleeve to keep the contents of your purse dry.

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So far...amazing

So I've only used the umbrella a couple of times (I live in South Dakota so rain season quickly turns into sleet, snow and blizzard season), but so far I love it. I think the biggest perk of this umbrella is that it has an up and down arrow that quickly and efficiently opens/closes the umbrella (read: no more worrying about pinching your finger trying to collapse your umbrella). This is also the first umbrella that I've been able to quickly and easily get back into the cover. It's a great size too: small enough to slip in my purse or tote without taking up too much room but large enough that it doesn't get lost in the black abyss of my bag.

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Adorable and pretty sturdy

Just got this umbrella and as it doesn't rain all that much in Los Angeles, I haven't had the chance to test out much but I was impressed by the quality when I did use it last week. There was a pretty good wind going and the umbrella didn't even threaten to flip inside out. It's even cuter in person and the retractable mechanism seems strong

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