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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

For the same woodsy scents in the form of a bar soap, try Juniper Ridge Wildcrafted Soaps.

Juniper Ridge Backpackers Cologne

$55.00 Ships Free
1 oz



Birchbox Breakdown

Whether you favor the desert backcountry or coastal California, there’s nothing like the natural musk of pine needles and soil; morning fog and salt air. And since we can’t get away as often as we’d like, we were chuffed to discover these small-batch natural fragrances. Each cologne uses wildcrafted scents like deep-woods conifer, sagebrush, and desert cedar, so you can picture yourself in the great outdoors—even if you’re trapped in a cubicle.

How to Use

Splash a small amount into your hands, rub your palms together, then pat the nape of your neck and the sides of your jeans. The cologne will taper off after about two hours, so reapply as needed.

Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, 100% Natural Fragrance, Tree Pitch, Plant Sap/Juice, Steam-distilled Essential Oils

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Product Reviews & Sample Feedback

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great Cologne poor packaging

First off, this is a great scent. I love how it smells, it's like I went hiking and fell into a stand of juniper bushes and then a blue spruce fell on me trapping me there for days while I was basted in the fragrant saps and when I finally got free the scent just would not go away.

However, and it is a BIG however, the bottle I received was less than half full. The packaging makes a big deal about the all natural, small batch process and I get it, at $55 an ounce I was expecting a small artisanlly made product. What I didn't expect is that apparently the batch is small enough to warrant a high price it is big enough that they can't pay attention to if a bottle is full or not?

So at $55 for a full bottle,-5 stars, $55 for a half ounce? Nope.

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Finally, a Cologne That Doesn't Smell Like Other Colognes.

I've been searching for a fragrance that isn't run-of-the-mill (so many designer scents smell the same), and this hit the nail on the head. A little woodsy, a little earthy, and a great price compared to other colognes. My new favorite for sure.

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Astringent and Awkward

I bought this bc I liked the appeal of the outdoorsy woods scent. Sounded manly, rugged, and perfect for someone who likes to camp and hike.

What I got: Imagine all the oils of a sawmill, mixed with juniper amplified to a pungent, turpentine smell. Thats what this smells like to me. My wife runs to the opposite side of the room when I wear it, and remarks about how horrible I smell.

That said, I dont hate it. It goes on sooo strong, fades to an acceptable light smell in about an hour, then vanishes an hour later. Leaves hands a bit sticky like pine tar. Unfortunately, for me, it misses the mark. Id recommend it for a hunter who wants to cover their human smell and wants to blend into the woods.

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Not a normal cologne

This stuff is not normal cologne at all. It has no sprayer and is just the liquid in the bottle. That being said, the liquid is very resinous and sticky. So anywhere you put it on, clothes or skin, you will be able to feel it all day. As for the scent, it is pure plants, with sage dominating. It definitely smells like the outdoors as advertised, but not necessarily in a pleasant way. The bottomline is that if you are looking for cologne this is not it, if you are looking to feel sticky and smell like you rolled around in the dirt on the forest floor then this will work for you.

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Excellent scent, just didn't last very long.

I love the smell - it's definitely not cologne-y and you DO get hits of smells that you would encounter in Big Sur. So if you only care about that, then definitely get it. The only bad thing about it, in my experience, is that it doesn't last very long at all. Also, the consistency is pretty sticky on my skin - also not very cologne-y, but I wasn't wild about that. I'm glad I bought it, but I won't be wearing it a lot, every day. Maybe I'll throw it in my gym bag.

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