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If you’re using cotton balls or pads to remove, never use the same one on both eyes. If you have an infection in one eye, it will quickly transfer over to the other.

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As much as we love putting on eye makeup, we hate the process of taking it off. Whether a remover is über-oily, irritating, or just plan ineffective, more often than not we end up with red, inflamed, or stinging eyes. Julique’s Eye Makeup remover is a welcome relief from the norm. The ultra-gentle, completely natural cream formula melts makeup right off and leaves our eye area nicely moisturized.

How it Works

The star ingredient is jojoba oil, which removes pesky makeup and also helps to protect and hydrate your delicate eye area. Sunflower seed oil adds additional moisture while echinacea, dandelion, and calendula work to shield and soothe.

How to Use

Smooth a small amount over the eye area using either your fingers or a cotton ball. Remove the formula with either cotton balls or lukewarm water. Pat dry.

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gentle yet effective

I am an esthetician and I use Jurlique products for my facials. This is the only thing I will use to remove clients and my own makeup. It doesn't burn my eyes or leave them feeling greasy, it removes the days makeup and then I'm ready to cleanse.

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Good alternative to traditional eye makeup remover

I purchase the Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover as an alternative to traditional oil based eye makeup remover. This cream felt clean after removal, rather than leaving an oily feel after some other eye makeup removers. Good for touch-ups as well

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Love it!

I love this product. Some eye makeup removers burn my eyes after I use them. This product is soft and gentle and does the job! I will buy this one again.

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