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More of a putty kind of guy? Try Kérastase Pâte Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste.


Birchbox Breakdown

Whether your sink ledge is packed with pomades already, or you’re venturing into the styler world for the first time, you’ll want to give this one-of-a-kind gel a spin. The non-sticky, residue-free formula provides long-lasting hold without greasy sheen. And perhaps best of all: it helps prevent hair loss.

How it Works

This gel is loaded with vitamins and amino acids that prevent premature hair thinning and loss. First up: biotin, which helps strengthen hair follicles from the inside and prevent breakage. Amino acids taurine and arginine team up to slow down the hair thinning process.

How to Use

Warm up a dime-size amount in your hands. Apply to clean, towel-dry hair and style as usual.

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Great Gel...if you get the one in the picture

There are 2 versions of this - the regular hold and the ultra hold. The one in the picture is the regular (medium hold) while the ultra hold is similar but has orange on the packaging. That is the one birchbox has in stock.

The regular hold is perfect - the ultra is too strong, flattens the hair and gets hard (and white).

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Awesome hold

The Kérastase Bain Capital Force Gel has great hold, and I like the sleek look. It can make my hair fuller if I put it on right after the shower and blow-dry. I prefer the sleek looking after affects it can bring.

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