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You’ll need a tough soap to scrub off your adventures in the sun. Try Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap.

Birchbox Breakdown

No matter how rugged you are, if you’re outside in the sun all day, you’re bound to get burned. Invest in a tough SPF for your next outdoor endeavor, whether that’s building your own log cabin, wrestling an alligator, or just watching your kid sister’s soccer game. With high UV/UVB protection and an innovative sweat-proof formulation, Kiehl’s high-performance sunblock is ideal for the most extreme conditions.

How it Works

This all-conditions unscented block is wax-based to make it water, sweat, and wind resistant (it won’t drip into your eyes). In addition to SPF 50, it has squalane oil, derived from olives, which helps it absorb into your skin.

How to Use

The texture is waxy and thick, more like petroleum jelly than your regular sunblock. Apply to face and gently rub into skin. Note: A little goes a long way.

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