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Go for classic black—plus plenty of sparkle and shine—with La Mer Collection’s Gatsby Crystal Wrap Watch.

La Mer Collections Cobalt Blue Gold Double Wrap Watch

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Birchbox Breakdown

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous blue shade—which is why we’re glad there’s plenty of it to go around (twice) on this double wrap watch. The bright timepiece adds the perfect hint of color—and superchic design—to any ensemble.

How to Use

The classic rectangular face has sleek gold details, matching the gold buckle and accents on the band. The band itself is soft real leather in a vibrant cobalt blue.

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Gorgeous watch

I've had my eye on La Mer watches for some time and when they came to Birchbox and I had a 20% off coupon, I took the plunge! The watch itself is beautiful and the leather is buttery soft and a gorgeous hue of blue. My only complaint is that the strap is a bit long and the loops that hold the strap in place can't move so I've got an extra bit of strap flapping around. There are two loops though, so I've just doubled back the strap through one of them and that seems to work okay.

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Bought Elsewhere but LOVE IT

I have this watch in yellow and though I did not purchase here, I love Birchbox and I love this watch. I have a wrist tattoo and I wear it sometimes to cover up around conservative types during job interviews. It is a great design. Yes, yes, yes.

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