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For an all-over face salve that harnesses the curative powers of ginseng, try Lab Series Age Rescue + Face Lotion.

Lab Series

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Ginseng is something of a panacea for whatever ails you: It boosts your immune system, lowers blood sugar, and increases stamina and energy. It’s not surprising, then, that the potent root is also good for your skin. This eye treatment taps into the powers of ginseng to do battle against wrinkles, dark spots, and puffy, tired eyes. It’s the equivalent of a super food for your eyes.

How to Use

After washing your face, use your ring finger to gently apply and pat smooth a small amount product under the eye area. Apply morning and night.

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I feel like it's working

I've been using this for under eye care every night for the last week. I feel like it's working, but I don't see the results. The consistency is thicker than my normal eye rescue lotion, so I feel like it's working better. I'll have to see in another few weeks. I think there are better products out there, just don't know which ones.

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Helps with bags and black circles

This is a great product - it helps reduce the bags that come from a late night with friends - and it helps reduce the black circles that come with age. I highly recommend this - its never too early to start using an under eye cream.

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