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Prep with Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash, which has exfoliating beads that lift hair to allow for a smooth, seamless shave.

Lab Series

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The benefits of shaving cream (vs. foam from an aerosol can) are many: They’re soft, easy to lather, and they have a cushioning effect that protects your skin from nicks and razor burn. This Lab Series cream ups the ante with a patented formula that conditions and improves skin tone over time. In other words, it’s time to trade up from your drug-store variety foam.

How it Works

Caffeine, derived from kola nut extract, tightens blood vessels, shrinks fat cells, and has an overall pick-me-up effect on your skin. Aloe vera moisturizes, improves skin elasticity, and soothes irritation. Sandalwood extract lends a subtly woodsy scent.

How to Use

Massage into facial hair, shave as usual, and rinse.

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Wore out its welcome

This product seemed great initially, but mainly in relation to the "drug store" shaving creams that I had been using. It went on easily and provided for a smooth shave.

Shortly after purchasing it, I moved to a double-edge shaver which requires a different style of lathering, etc. This stuff doesn't work well when using a double-edge and will not reorder once I finish the tube.

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This shaving cream used to be excellent. Several years ago, the folks at Lab Series thought they should "improve" the product and launched a "new and improved" version. It's NOT. The new version, pictured and sold here, is a complete waste of money and is no different that any everyday shaving cream you buy in a drug or discount store. It's very runny and drips off my face while shaving. Scent is unremarkable. Overall, it just really does nothing and is not worth the money.

The "old" version of this shaving cream was a nice, think cream and would slightly numb your face while shaving. For those of us with very sensitive skin, this was a great feature. The "improved" version does not contain the numbing ingredient and seems very watered down and runny. Without the numbing ingredient, this shaving cream really has no true features and benefits that differentiate it from other products. Hence, I feel it's not worth the money and would suggest looking elsewhere for a decent shaving cream.

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