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Laura Mercier Votive Candle Sampler Collection

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4 candles, 2.5 oz.each

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Birchbox Breakdown

Laura Mercier knows the secret to instantly luxe-ifying your surroundings: just add candlelight. When you throw in these chic votives, you’ll be adding a heady dose of fragrance, too. Each candle comes in a hefty glass tumbler and wafts a different one of Laura Mercier’s signature perfumes.

How to Use

These travel-friendly votives come in four distinct, sophisticated scents. Ambre Vanillé is a sensual mix of amber, vanilla, brown sugar, and sandalwood; Crème Brûlée channels the eponymous dessert with a delicious blend of warm caramel and French vanilla; Fresh Fig mingles sweet fruits with earthy ylang ylang; and Tarte au Citron is a zesty mix of clementine, meringue, and jasmine. Bonus: the patterned, chocolate-brown box offers chic yet durable storage.

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Laura Mercier does it again

I've long been a fan of Laura Mercier candles. I don't know how she can get so much fragrance out of a small candle. The citrus was my favorite and the fig was a nice clean smell. I love the smell of amber in my bedroom. I'm saving the creme brulee for a cold fall evening. It looks pricey for four smallish candles but is worth it if you like nice scents in your home.

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