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Le Métier de Beauté Anamorphic Lash Waterproof Mascara - Brownish Black

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Pair this mascara with Le Métier de Beauté Dualistic Eye Pencil for a complete eye look.

Le Métier de Beauté

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Birchbox Breakdown

Look up “anamorphic” in the dictionary, and you’ll discover that it refers to an intentionally distorted image. In the case of this waterproof mascara, distortion is a positive: three-dimensional lashes that create a gorgeous, wide-eyed look reminiscent of 1960s fashion icon Twiggy. The waterproof formula conditions, thickens, and volumizes—and the subtle brownish black color lasts all day without smudging.

How to Use

Starting at the base of the lashes, wiggle the wand in an upward motion. Layer on a second coat for extra impact.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Looks lovely, but a little bit crumbly.

I really enjoy wearing this mascara. It makes my lashes look great (it was a little dry when I got it; mine had been a tester in a department store where my mother works, so I got it second-hand. But adding a couple of drops of saline solution gives it the perfect consistency.) The brush is larger and has "fluffier" fibers than most, which seems to really help comb the mascara through my lashes.

I do have a couple of complaints- first, it's supposed to be brownish black, but you really can't tell the difference between this color and black mascara. Second, it does tend to crumble off my lashes a bit for the first few minutes after I put it on, leaving a little dust of mascara under my eyes. Unless I'm carrying Q-tips to remove it, it smudges and makes my dark circles look darker. Lastly, I find it a bit harder to apply than some of the other mascaras I've tried. Stila's 'Forever My Curl' worked well for me, especially for my bottom lashes.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this mascara, though. It is waterproof like it says- you definitely need makeup remover to get it off. It doesn't clump my lashes together and makes them look full and dramatic.

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I wore this all last summer. I work with children and we went swimming every morning. This mascara never budged and stayed on all day, even after I got out of the pool. :)

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Waterproof is the WORD

Amazing long lasting for even the most watery eyes. I am over the moon excited to be able to wear this lovely brown mascara and not have it gliding down my face my noon or even midnight! Great stuff - am thrilled to spread the word to other with my same watery eye troubles. Pricey but WORTH IT~!

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This product delivers big time!
What more can I say....that is what we ask for.
The consistency is very even and applies nicely.

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Incredibly disappointing

After pouring through reviews on dozens of mascaras, I settled on this. I immediately noticed it was too thick to easily apply. The bristles on the wand get clumped together, and clumps come out of the tube periodically. I have never had an application that looked uniform or even noticeable.

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best mascara i've ever used

i love mascara and am always trying new ones. i don't think i've ever bought the same tube twice in a row (except benefit's they're real -- also amazing). but this mascara is hands down the best i've ever used, and i am totally hooked. applied normally, this mascara just looks so natural. i love looking like i was blessed with fabulous eyelashes instead of like i bought good mascara. for a more dramatic look, i can just apply more and powder between layers. this mascara is just super versatile and i can't say enough good things about it.

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The Best Mascara I have ever Tried

I have tried too many mascara's and was pleasantly surprised by this one. It is the best and I don't think I will ever buy any other. I wish Birchbox carried all the colors and I would buy them all. Wonderful, wonderful product and I highly recommend.

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I'm not a hater generally, but this stuff is useless. Every time I use it I do the first eye and things seem fine, but then when I reapply the mascara to the wand from the tube for the second eye, it comes out with giant blobs of glop. I end up with giant blobs of brown/black goo on my eye. Save your money and take a pass on this one.

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Lately I've had problems with mascara irritating my eyes, so I've been on the lookout for a new one for a while. The fact that this one has healthy-for-your-lashes ingredients was a plus for me, plus the reviews that it did not clump. I also liked the look of the brush.

I've had a few days to try it, and I love it. It stays on all day without flaking off, it goes on easily without clumping, and it makes my long lashes look extra lush. The best of all though, is that is does not irritate my eyes. I usually buy black, but the closest color option was the brownish-black, and it looks fabulous on me (blonde/fair/blue eyes).

I will definitely repurchase this one!

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Love this

I'm almost sad that I liked this mascara so much, because it is so expensive. I received this in the limited edition Mother's Day kit, and have been using it like crazy every since.

I have never used any colored mascara other than black, so this was new, but I actually found that it suited my skin and lashes extremely well. It's still mostly black, but with just a slight bit of brown to make things more natural. My lashes looked extra voluminous, defined, and awesome, but still managed to look like I hadn't packed mascara on to them.

The wear time on them is excellent as well. I often have trouble with mascara running on me, because I have oily lids and watery eyes, but this was super waterproof. I have cried in this, I have been on a waterslide in this, and it does not budge. An even better bonus to this is that it doesn't make my lashes feel crunchy or hard like other waterproof mascaras, and it came off easily enough with basic makeup remover wipes or an oil-cleanser.

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