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Pair this shampoo with LiQWd’s Hydrating Conditioner.

Birchbox Breakdown

When our hair starts to feel ragged and straw-like, we break out LiQWd’s ultra moisturizing formula. Great for heat-damaged or color-treated hair, it doesn’t just clear away grease and product residue—it actually penetrates each hair shaft to boost follicle health with its unique Nano-Hydrasphere™ technology. One wash, and parched strands spring back to life.

How it Works

This sophisticated shampoo is full of nourishing ingredients that give strands softness and shine. Amino acids spur hair growth and keep your hue bright, whether your locks are dyed or natural. Banana extract infuses hair with vitamins and minerals, while apple extract is a natural hair softener. Finally, grapeseed oil rebuilds damaged strands and provides serious frizz control.

How to Use

Wet your hair, and apply a small amount to roots and gently massage into hair. Rinse away with warm water.

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Good everyday shampoo

My hair colorist recommended this shampoo, and I am happy with it! I switched from Pureology (which was similarly priced) and feel like it is a good everyday shampoo. It does not make my fine, blonde hair feel heavy or look dull, and the scent is clean without being overpowering. Unfortunately, the pump does not work very well because it is a thicker shampoo.

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Smells amazing! You don't need a lot for a good lather. The only down side is it is not that big of a size for the price. Comes in a really cool black box. After the first use my hair smells great and feels super soft and healthy.

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Great For Dry Hair

My daughter's hair is very dry and curly. This shampoo made is soft and smooth. This bottle lasts a long time because you do not need to use a lot.

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