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Your underarms may be your least-appreciated body part, but the sensitive skin under there is deserving of some TLC. Pamper your pits with this non-aerosol spray deodorant. Made with essential oils and botanical extracts, it’s gentle on your skin, while keeping you smelling good all day long.

How it Works

A blend of musky vetiver, sweet-and-spicy rosemary, and spearmint lend the spray a refreshing, grown-up scent, while witch hazel and glycerin soothe underarm skin.

How to Use

Spray under your arms—and wherever else is prone to smelliness.

SD alcohol 40-2(grain), witch hazel, glycerin, rosewood, caraway, lemon, geranium, lavandin, amyris, tangerine, peppermint, nutmeg, sweet orange,vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean, treemoss,labdanum, Peru balsim, clove leaf, olibanum and spearmint (essential oils) lichen extract, farnesol, rosemary extract and grapefruit seed extract.

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Really Works

I got this on a whim because I am desperate for a deodorant thatworks. This fit the bill. I have no Bo through the day and no sweat. It works great for men or ladies and the scent is natural and fade so go not mingle with any other of your scents.

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This smells so good and is totally multifunctional. I'll be taking it everywhere this summer for when I need a little extra on those hot summer days. I think scent is perfect for a man or a woman and I'm quite particular about scents not being too flowery or fake. This is clean and slightly spicy/woodsy. I'll be picking up a second for my husband, this one is mine.

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