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Sport more arm candy by pairing this bracelet with Made’s Kisungi Bangle.

Made Kikuku Bracelet

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We’re glad that our jewelry tastes have evolved over time—otherwise, we’d still be wearing way-too-big hoop earrings and woven friendship bracelets. Nowadays, we rely on more sophisticated pieces to round out our wardrobes. This delicate brass bracelet shows off our grown-up sensibilities. It comes with a discreet logo charm and has a sturdy closure.

How to Use

Handcrafted by Kenyan artisans, the rings in this recycled brass bracelet feature subtle variations in texture for a unique design. The golden hue won’t fade with time.

recycled brass

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Less brassy, more coppery

This is one of my first Birchbox purchases and when I got it in the mail two things struck me. The bracelet is made of brass and I do own several pieces of brass costume jewelry so I'm aware of how it usually looks and feels. This bracelet is adorable! However, it's super duper lightweight. It is also nothing near the color shown in the picture. The pic is very golden while the actual bracelet is closer to copper in appearance. For the price I was happy to contribute to the Made organization (I think this was made in Kenya). But, I'm more likely to save some money and buy better quality pieces in the future.

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