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Add a sleek yet sassy shape to your jewelry wardrome with the Made Tuvange Necklace Brass.

Made Kisungi Bangle

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6.4 cm (small/medium)

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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s easy to get stuck in a jewelry rut, reaching for the sample simple stuff day after day—so this bold bangle is a welcome addition to our collections. It’s eye-catching yet classy and goes well with any outfit. Handforged by skilled Kenyan artisans, the cut-outs feature natural variations in shape for a unique look. The bangle comes in an adorable recycled fabric pouch.

How to Use

Made of recycled brass, this golden bangle is highly durable. It won’t rust over time as long as you wash it once in a while with soapy water or lemon juice.

recycled brass

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